Small Texas lake village is becoming capital of full time “Vacation Living”.

Point Venture, Texas is a small lake village about 45 minutes west of Austin, Tx with a populations of nearly 1000, but that’s a long way from the 300 that lived here just a few years ago. Lake Travis is back to 681′ water level, 100% full and likely to stay there after years of drought and uncertainty about the Lower Colorado River’s Authority to maintain a health water level. Now that the water is up, folks have started discovering the beauty of Point Venture, Texas, a small lakeside village that started back in 1970 as a vacation resort for yacht and boat owners where living in a state of “permanent vacation” is expected. Today, rising lake levels have created a demand for more vacation properties. On top of that, the Gnarly Gar, the village’s bar and grill has reopened with a space about 4 to 5 times larger than just a few months ago. The floating restaurant has both indoor and outdoor eating and has proven a huge success after reopening in late March. Lake Travis vacationers have begun planning out months ahead of time, making sure they don’t get booked out of staying at this little village. Meantime locals that have seen the growth coming for years have noticed that their quiet village has grown and for better or worse, have accepted there’s no stopping the flow of lake lovers who want to join the full-time “vacation” lifestyle that’s been happening in this north shore stretch of Lake Travis for nearly 50 years. More at PointVenture.CO



Live Streaming is the newest way to reach your audience world wide.

If you’re new to the concept of livestreaming, it’s the process of broadcasting in real time via the internet. Basically, we are our own media outlets with the devices in our pockets — our phones. But just because you can be the media doesn’t mean you should be. More from 

Nicaragua a popular travel destination long after revolution

The Central American country is becoming a hot destination for North American and European travelers for good reasons, and the country is working diligently to embrace and entertain adventurers. While many Americans still associate the country with revolution and civil war, today’s Nicaragua shows few traces of the violent conflicts that ended 27 years ago. The country is peaceful and the agricultural and tourist economy are flourishing. More from CHICAGO TRIBUNE.

Mexicans now fly to Canada more than U.S.

For the past year, Mexicans have been flying less the U.S. and increasingly to Canada, according to a travel industry analyst Thursday.

But the figures from ForwardKeys, a Spanish company that projects travel patterns by analyzing 16 million airline bookings a day, said the change might be linked to currency and simplified travel to Canada rather than fallout from President Trump’s campaign and election. More from USA TODAY