Car sharing app helping car owners pay off their new car quicker.

Car owners from 4700 cities across America and Canada have already listed their cars for rent by the day with the car sharing app TURO. Tech experts say car sharing will quickly become the favorite way for owners to subsidize their payment. More from Forbes.


Panama is near top of retirement list, affordable living, quality of life.

I was in Panama a few years back and even then you could tell this small Central American country is on it’s way up when it comes to attracting retirees from all over the world. Check out Panama’s top 10 cities or regions where your bucks can stretch much longer than you thought. Read the InsiderMoney news.

Uncertainty in USA healthcare driving record numbers to Medical Tourism

Passage of the Senate Republican health care bill in the U.S. is far from certain. By 2026, about 22 million more Americans would be uninsured. In Canada, they’re fortunate to have a universal public system that covers all Canadian patients, regardless of previous illnesses or recent changes in medications. Surgical and procedural fees are lower as are malpractice insurance and administrative costs. Drug costs — while high — are still less than in the U.S. No one faces unaffordable premiums or deductibles. Because of this, Canada, Mexico, India and several other countries are booming in medical tourism patients. More here.